Why should I know CPR?

Good question. The answer is to assist in saving a life until first responders are able to arrive. It is in these critical minutes that oxygen is deprived from the brain and the potential for brain damage is greatest. If you know CPR and can 'breathe' and pump the heart for another, you will make a difference in this crucial time frame until first responders are able to take over. 

CPR is a 'life skill'. This means that this is a skill that you should continue to keep current for life. 

Who should know CPR?

Everyone should know CPR. Grandparents, daycare workers, teachers, coaches, crossing guards, delivery persons, grocery clerks, city workers, parents, babysitters, healthcare workers, dental office personnel, business owners, personal services like massage therapists, hair stylists, manicurists, barbers, estheticians, construction workers, gym personnel, etc.      

When you look at this list it just about covers everyone because an emergency doesn't choose who may be around to assist with care. Can you imagine a world where everyone knew how to possibly save a life? Because we feel so strongly about this, we extend courses to the community to promote this reality.