How do I receive my CPR card?

You will receive an email after the course with your current CPR card attached. Please print it out and carry it with you. 

How long is my certification?

Certification is two years. There will be an expiration date on your CPR card. 

Is there a test in the course?

Yes, there is. But don't freak out, we prepare you completely for it!

What if I don't pass a test? 

If a passing grade is not achieved, a review of information or skills will be reviewed. The goal is to learn the technique properly. It may be advisable for a trainee to repeat the course if displayed skills are unsatisfactory. 

Can I bring my children, dog or family member with me? 

No. The course is designed to have undivided attention given to learning proper CPR skills and is only intended for persons actually training. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Why take a course through the American Heart Association (AHA)?

The American Heart Association is the most widely recognized organization when you think about learning CPR skills. 

What do you mean by AHA compliant manikins?

The AHA mandated in January of 2019 that adult manikins used in CPR trainings give directive feedback (sound/lights) to help guide trainees in regards to compression depth/ratio. The audible sound/ lights assist with making corrections immediately and solidifying the technique with the trainee. 

Can I be sued for administering CPR? 

The answer in most cases is no. Good Samaritan laws in most states protect legal bystanders from legal consequences if they act prudently and in keeping with their training. You should never perform CPR if someone has a DNR (do not resuscitate) order.